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Empowering the weak children, especially girls

India has 20 million Orphans. This number is growing on a daily basis. They live in desperate conditions and need help. Various houses across the country give them food and shelter, but much more needs to be done. Majority of these children are girls. They need assistance to prepare them for an independent life outside their care home. Origin Foundation believes that these children can be empowered by giving them education and skills to develop their confidence. They can become a meaningful force and contribute to the society in a very useful way.

Educating the students of Savitri Jotirao, Social Work College, Yavatmal

The Origin Foundation spoke to the students at the Social Work College to inspire and motivate them to contribute to the social development in a concrete manner. The reasons for current social issues were analyzed and a path to solve these issues was defined. It was a very interactive session. The students were highly influenced and charged. Each of them could become a torchbearer to bring about a change in the society.