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“Susanwaad Abhiyaan” by The Origin Foundation – Communication Skills Training

Susanwaad Abhiyaan – The statewide Communication Skills movement reached the hometown of Origin, Thane. Respected Dean Madam, Dr Sandhya Khadse, supported the workshop whole-heartedly. She was personally present throughout the workshop along with a full house of trainee doctors and some senior faculty who took keen interest. Dean Madam has invited the Origin team to conduct more workshops, not only for doctors, but even for Nurses, Maushi’s and other ward assistants. Origin Foundation has a dream of achieving the best care for patients by improving the available healthcare services in India.

Dr. Sandhya Khadse, Dean-Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Kalwa felicitated Dr. Sandeep Mane by giving Momento

Susanwaad Abhiyaan at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College


Dean - Dr. Sandhya Khadse