Origin Foundation

The Origin Foundation is a fulfillment of the dream of Dr Sandeep Mane. He believes that the ultimate happiness lies in donating to the society. This can be in any form Money, Knowledge, Skills, Experience and so on. Each person has something to contribute in the society. Most people are unable to understand this and continue to accumulate wealth till they die.

The Origin Foundation aims to focus on the main areas of Health, Education and Art. The Origin International Fertility Centre has been doing work for womens health over the years. It has worked closely with the Rotary Club of Thane Lake City to organize various health events. The centre has also offered training programmes for the trainees in the field of medicine. Medical education and communication skills training for young resident doctors can equip them with ability to communicate well with patients and improve the doctor patient relationship.

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Susanwaad Abhiyaan

"Susanwaad Abhiyaan" A statewide movement to offer free communication skills training to junior resident doctors across Maharashtra to help them in improving doctor patient relation was held at Sir J J Hospital on 17th June. Over 200 doctors came for this training, which involved enactments to simulate real life scenarios. The doctors gave a very positive feedback. This was jointly organised by the Medical Education Dept of the Government of Maharashtra and the Origin Foundation. Honorable Minister Shri Girish Mahajan supported Dr Sandeep Mane, Chief Trustee, Origin Foundation, in offering free training to all resident doctors across the state of Maharashtra.

The Origin Fertility Center

The couple involved suffers silently, with its own psychological implications, leading to enormous emotional, physical and even financial strain. The societal pressures further increase the couple’s agony, affecting their careers, adding to the already high stress… at the most active, productive phases of their lives. All this makes fertility problems more than just a problem, a disease… it’s almost a social curse… Which is why it needs more than just a fertility clinic. It needs a whole movement for life.

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