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“Susanwaad Abhiyaan” by The Origin Foundation – Communication Skills Training

Violent attacks affecting Medical Careers and future Healthcare Service During the Susanwaad Abhiyaan at Nagpur, we met a resident doctor who could have become a Surgeon but chose another branch of medicine due to the fear of violent attacks. His parents discouraged him from becoming a Surgeon, because they were worried about the violence against such doctors.Unfortunately, an intelligent young doctor had to choose his career on the basis of fear and not his liking. Violent attacks are discouraging our youngsters from becoming doctors. Our country is already facing a severe shortage of good doctors. This is a critical moment for doctors and patients to rebuild their relationship in the best interest of our society and our country.The Origin Foundation has undertaken the “Susanwaad Abhiyaan” to create an atmosphere of respect and trust between doctors and patients to ensure a better healthcare service in the future.


Dr. MRS. A. V. Shrikhande