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“Susanwaad Abhiyaan” by The Origin Foundation – Communication Skills Training

Dream of the Origin Foundation is to improve patient’s satisfaction and happiness:
“Susanwaad Abhiyaan” of Origin Foundation reached Govt. Medical College, Latur, the region known as the Sugar Belt of India, on 17th February 2018. We came across a doctor who confessed that his father has left his established medical practise and hasdecided to become a farmer, due to the stress and fear of current medical practise. It is extremely sad to knowthat some doctors are even leaving this noble profession. Violent attacks on doctors are having wide spread effects on the profession. Another resident doctor whose father is a police officer came forward requesting knowledge about medico legal cases, because his father was witnessingincreased number of legal cases against the medical profession. The dream of the Origin Foundation is not only to prevent violent attacks and medico legal cases against doctors, but to have a healthcare service where patients get satisfaction and feel proud of their healthcare service and the providers.


Vice Dean – Dr. C. R. Dode