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ArtA New thought for the next generation

12 year old Rushabh Mane chose to welcome 2018 by planting a tree. More importantly, he had no party, no screaming and no dancing on 31st December 2017. He was happy to spend time shopping with his father, having dinner with grandparents at home, enjoying a game of carrom and peacefully sleeping in time, looking forward to starting a New year with his idea of planting a tree. He made a positive start to the New year 2018 with a creative idea which should inspire and motivate him to have a successful year ahead of him. He chose to walk his own path and encouraged me to believe that it is not always necessary to follow the crowd. I believe his path will lead him to understand the true meaning of happiness in life.

A Birthday celebration - The joy of Giving

Rushabh Mane chose to celebrate his 12th birthday at an Orphanage today with his family and friends. We all wished him on his birthday (3rd January), but he did not expect a party or any gifts from friends. He enjoyed serving lunch with his own hands to the girls at the Orphanage. He distributed gifts to the children and spent some quality time with them. They were between 5 to 15 years age. All the girls sang birthday songs for him in a loud chorus, had lunch and went to their school. The girls enjoyed our company and they even crowded around the car till the gate. The joy of giving on a birthday felt far more enjoyable than the joy of taking attention and gifts on a birthday. I believe that children should be encouraged to donate on their birthdays.Father’s day, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day is a celebration of giving, but “Birthday” is generally about taking. In my view, there should be an international Day of Donation to encourage the idea of giving.

Art of Marathi Gazals

Empowering the weak children, especially girls

I am text bIndia has 20 million Orphans. This number is growing on a daily basis. They live in desperate conditions and need help. Various houses across the country give them food and shelter, but much more needs to be done. Majority of these children are girls. They need assistance to prepare them for an independent life outside their care home. Origin Foundation believes that these children can be empowered by giving them education and skills to develop their confidence. They can become a meaningful force and contribute to the society in a very useful way.

Educating the students of Savitri Jotirao, Social Work College, Yavatmal

The Origin Foundation spoke to the students at the Social Work College to inspire and motivate them to contribute to the social development in a concrete manner. The reasons for current social issues were analyzed and a path to solve these issues was defined. It was a very interactive session. The students were highly influenced and charged. Each of them could become a torchbearer to bring about a change in the society.