The story of a Real Life Hero- A loyal employee

The story of an extremely loyal employee. A real life hero.Please watch and share to give tribute to this great soul. A video to express gratitude to the "Creator of Origin". He was a rare example of "Joyful Living" by "Giving". He remained a pure life uncontaminated by Education, Money and Greed. His skills of carpentry along with his values of commitment and loyalty, brought magic in his hands. His loyalty to his team motivated everyone when he was alive and continue to inspire everyone after his death. If the younger generation can take some clues from his life, the future of humanity will be bright.

Gepostet von The Origin Foundation am Freitag, 16. Oktober 2020
Doctor's And Patient's are One Family - INDIA

Doctor's And Patient's are members of One Family - INDIAThe book ": BEYOND MEDICNE" was launched on 5th September 2020. This book will take the medical students to a fascinating journey beyond the medical knowledge and skills.

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Unleash the Power of Human Miracle - Save Humanity (MUST WATCH)

Humanity is at the crossroads of existence. Human beings were challenged by a virus and we responded strongly with a true human spirit. This video is dedicated to numerous people worldwide, including doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, police, government officials and other frontline workers, who suffered the virus infection and sadly, some lost their lives, while caring for others. We must not allow this sacrifice to get wasted. The post-crisis period will have implications for many, especially the poor, the jobless and the homeless. Their problems are our problems as we are all ONE. Our challenges have increased and we will have to rise to meet them. The miracle of human power can only be unleashed with Health and Education. Origin Foundation will invite membership in two months time to make a collective effort to give a helping hand to those in need. Your guidance, support and blessings will encourage us. Thank you very much in advance.

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“BEYOND MEDICINE”- A bridge between doctors and patients

“BEYOND MEDICINE”- A bridge between doctors and patientsGrand Online Book Launch- 5th September 2020 from 5pm to 6pm on www.parthlive.comJust as a flower shares a special relationship with sunshine to blossom, the patients share a special relationship with medical professionals to blossom lives. One is incomplete without the other. As with any other relationship, even this one needs good communication to resolve the misunderstandings. Violence can never be the way to gain love, respect and trust from anyone. The book “BEYOND MEDICINE”, will equip doctors with tools other than medical knowledge and skills that will help them remove any misunderstandings and establish a strong bond with their patients. Please join the book launch program to break the walls and connect with bridges.

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Human Chain-"The Joy of Giving Happiness"

Human Chain-"The Joy of Giving Happiness"Origin Foundation is taking the joy of distributing happiness to numerous unknown families, because ONLY humanity will decide human future.

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The War of Humans Against a Virus - "Education" and "Healthcare" are our weapons

PLEASE PLEASE SPREAD THIS MESSAGE FAST.The War of Humans Against a Virus - "Education" and "Healthcare"are our weapons. Please spread this message fast and as far as you can, because many are still not getting the seriousness of this crisis. Take good care and make everyone stay at home. 21 days is hardly any price to pay, even to save a single life, on this planet. Thank you very much.

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Humans will rise again – 4 million years in 4 minutes – (MUST WATCH VIDEO)

In these testing times, there are many, who have done a lot for humanity. Each single person needs to have gratitude to the past generations and duty towards the future. “What can I Give” will now be more important than “What can I Get”. Collectively, with humanity, we humans lived millions of years to see this day. We owe our lives to the people around us. “We” before “Me” is now even more important, after this crisis. Many have not experienced the “Joy of Giving”. Meditate to explore your mindCommunicate to Unite andDonate to enjoy true happinessOrigin Foundation will open its memberships for volunteers in 2 month’s time. ALL are invited along with the Medical and Nursing students of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) to come forward to become a formidable force. Health and Education will be our tools to reconstruct lives. You can express your interest to volunteer or send us your valuable blessings. Thank you.

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Invitation for Global Book Launch- "BEYOND MEDICINE"

Invitation for Global Book Launch- "BEYOND MEDICINE"Saturday, 5th September 2020, from 5pm to 6pm, Link: www.parthlive.comYou are Cordially invited to join in an unique Online event to be attended by a global audience. Please make it special by your presence. Good health is essential for everyone. Humanity is of utmost importance in any healthcare service. The book, "BEYOND MEDICINE" is about building human relationships beyond the scope of medical knowledge and skills. This is why, this event is equally relevant for the medical professionals as well as the members of the public.

Gepostet von The Origin Foundation am Sonntag, 30. August 2020